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At Danceforce Performing Arts Academy, our focus is on helping young dancers unlock their true potential. Our dedicated team of dance experts foster creativity and growth in each of our students, inspiring them to embrace their ambitions and reach their full potential.

We strive to provide a compassionate, nurturing environment where children can excel, and provide opportunities for them to strive for excellence and set high goals to achieve their dreams while making unforgettable memories!

We have continued success at local and national competitions and festivals, take a look at just some of them below.

Exam Syllabus Results:

  • 2018 100% pass

  • 2018 100% pass Rate

  • 2018 (2nd set) 100% pass rate

  • 2019 100% pass rate

  • 2020 100% pass rate

  • 2021 100% pass rate

  • 2022 100% pass rate

  • 2023 100% pass rate

  • 2024 100% pass rate

Other Achievements:

The Royal Ballet School 2018

Teigan Van Dyk


Ballet Boost 2018

Emmie Pearce

Evie Webster


Ballet Boost 2021

Evie Barrett

Rebecca Verdun

Madison Morton 

Ballet Boost 2022

Rebecca Verdun

Madison Morton

Ballet Boost 2023-2024
Madison Morton
Hattie Beckett

York Scholars 2019-2021

Edie Hodgson

York Scholars 2021-2022

Daisy Bamford

Evie Barrett

Yorkshire Classical Associates 

Ava Tweddle 2019-2024
Evie Barrett 2019-2020
Zarabella Quelch 2022-current
Hattie Beckett 2022-current
Freya Snow 2022-2023
Lilah Quelch 2023-current
Florence Ross 2023-current

SLP College Associates 

Lucy Carlill 2020 - 2023

Edie Hodgson 2021 - 2023


Stagebox Kids and Stagebox Management

Ava Tweddle 2021 - Current

MT Associates
Ava Tweddle 2023-2024

London Ballet Company Associates 2023-2024
Imogen Brown
Lucy Carlil
Abby Sweeting
Evie Barrett
Daisy Bamford
Libby Hansley
Sophia Winn
Molly Crook
Rebecca Verdun
Freya Snow
Edith Stafford
Florence Elliott
Beatrice Bentley
Isabelle Bentley

Platinum Pro Associates 2023-2024
Zarabella Quelch

Project Resurgence 2023-2024
Zarabella Quelch

IDTA Street Scholarship Award 2024
Abigail Sweeting

Rapunzel Easter Pantomime 2023
Ava Tweddle

Beauty and the Beast Pantomime 2023
Abigail Sweeting
Lucy Carlil

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the Musical - 2023
Ava Tweddle - Jemima Potts

The Hammond (Vocational Boarding School)
Edie Hodgson 2023
Ava Tweddle 2024

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